matterhorn #1 of 150


painting acrylic on canvas 50 x 40cm, July 2014

based on a photograph taken from Rotenboden whilst skiing in the Gornergrat region in Zermatt. My first matterhorn painting.


4 thoughts on “matterhorn #1 of 150

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across your art project today while I was creating a 3d version of the Matterhorn. Few mountains are as fascinating. I’ll enjoy catching up with your progress up to now, and will visit again to see your new works as you add them.


  2. I finally got around to posting my 3d Matterhorn to my blog (the link with this comment goes to that particular post). It doesn’t have the accuracy of your work, I was relying on photos and old memories so there’s much that could be improved on (and let’s not even talk about the Italian side…), but it was a fun project.

    One Matterhorn was time-consuming, so I’m in awe of the fact that by the time the anniversary rolls around you’ll have created 150 of them!


    • I am really impressed with your matterhorn. You’ve achieved a fantastic result considering you weren’t able to see it ‘live’.
      That 3D program looks like great fun too and I’ve added trying that out to my ‘to do’ list! I’ve mailed you a couple of photos from some other angles in case you want to tweak a bit more. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of that before. Also many thanks for the link!


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